How can I connect to my node from another device?

Why is it better not to do this.

Configuration file changes

Find the lines in the configuration file (

prizm.allowedBotHosts = *
This line lists the IP addresses of the nodes that can be connected to the node.
The default is * (asterisk) - everyone can connect.
Here you can put your IP address or list a group of addresses through ; (comma_dot)
or enter the network -
This line defines on which IP address the node will accept connections. is ONLY a local connection, you can put a specific IP that is assigned to the computer
or put - accept connections to all addresses.

Further, if you change the server address, the node will automatically create an SSL certificate, it will naturally be self-signed, and you will need to connect to the https://ipaddress:9976 address. All browsers will report fraud and lack of trust in this site.

Certificate enforcement outside of localhost is configured with the lines:

prizm.apiSSL = false

It is imperative to set the LOCAL administrator password, otherwise anyone can change the behavior of the NODE.


Why it is better not to do this, or what you need to know and understand.

The behavior of the NODE is such that in local addressing ( or ), the node transmits YOUR secret password to sign the transaction to the SERVER. When you work at, nothing leaves your computer, but if you use a WIFI router or some kind of large switch (which someone can access), you risk leaking the PASSWORD, since WIFI routers are easily hacked.

So - in order to keep your password secret, you must either not change the CONFIG, or connect the host directly to the Internet address and not accept connections from the local network.

Material for non-believers:

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