The PRIZM API allows interaction with PRIZM nodes using HTTP requests to port 9976. Most HTTP requests can use either the GET or POST methods, but some API calls accept only the POST method for security reasons. Responses are returned as JSON objects.

Each API call is documented below, with definitions given for HTTP request parameters and JSON response fields, followed by an example:

  • The JSON response fields are each followed by one of S for string, A for array, O for object, N for number or B for boolean.

  • In the examples, the PRIZM node is represented as localhost and requests and responses are formatted for easy reading; line breaks and spaces are not actually used except in some parameter values. All requests are in URL format which implies the HTTP GET method. When GET is allowed, the URL can be entered into a browser URL field but proper URL encoding is usually required (e.g., spaces in a parameter value must be replaced by + or %20). Otherwise, the URL should be used as a guide to preparing an HTTP POST request using cURL, for example.

All API calls can be viewed and tested at http://localhost:9976/test while the local server node is running. For specific API calls, use http://localhost:9976/test?requestType=specificRequestType.

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