PARAMINING — is PRIZM's key advantage over the other cryptocurrencies. PRIZM developers added a unique, linear-retrograde mechanism for determining the reward for funds storage aimed at economic attractiveness and gradual replacement of all existing financial instruments of the world by the mass of PZM to the basic mechanism of forming.

That is an addition to the basic forging mechanism, which does not increase the amount of funds in the system. In PZM this additional mechanism is ParaMining, which creates new coins, according to metrics of standard mathematics development of normalized financial system in the slice of the world economy. According to our calculations, only such a format of coin weight growth can provide a gradual and confident replacement of all existing economic instruments.

The rate of new coins mining using ParaMining is calculated from three main parameters, which are (1) the number of coins in a personal wallet, (2) the number of coins in followers' wallets up to 88 levels, and (3) the mining difficulty factor. The difficulty factor is calculated as a percentage, and is proportional to the total number of coins issued. The maximum difficulty level for standard accounts is 98%, which corresponds to 3 billion generated PZM. For accounts in the HOLD - MODE, the maximum difficulty level is 97%. According to the characteristics, Paramining is an MLM 2.0 system that excludes everything that pushes a simple person from the network business, but at the same time involves him in the development of the network to increase the speed of coin mining on his personal wallet.

When making any transaction in the wallet, the ParaMining system writes a blockchain containing the value of the number of coins of the wallet owner and the number of coins in the wallets of its followers, at this moment new coins are generated to the wallet balance.

HOLD - keep coins in your personal wallet and not make any transactions, due to this, you can reduce the coefficient of difficulty in mining coins and increase the profitability of your wallet.

PARAMINING SYSTEM is the most advanced tool for promotion and popularization, as it has no analogues in any modern cryptocurrency. The main advantage of Paramining is that no network user can interfere with this mechanism and falsify new coins, all users can monitor the number of coins issued by the system in real time. Paramining works on any wallet with a balance of over 1 PZM and automatically stops when a balance of 1 million PZM is reached.

Also, for the first time, the system of establishing referral links without the use of any links was applied. After creating a new wallet, the system captures in the blockchain who the first transaction arrives from and permanently establishes a referral chain that cannot be changed, this makes it easy to build global MLM networks and increase the speed of new coin mining.

The technical implementation is currently not described in detail due to the fact that for all of us, the main thing is to create not 100 “dead” tools, but the one with good support and good work. If our know-how is revealed, then someone will definitely try to repeat it and this will inadvertently lead to a scattering of attention and the use of this idea not for noble and significant goals for our planet, but for goals that we don’t know and are not always positive coloring intent.

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