The three values are the key to determine which account has the right to generate a block, which account is entitled to create unit and what the unit is considered to be authoritative in times of conflict: underlying target value, target value and cumulative difficulty.

The reference target value

To win the right to forge (generate) block, all active Prizm accounts "compete" by trying to create a hash value that is lower than the specified base target value. This base target value changes from block to block and is derived from the base target value of the previous block multiplied by the amount of time it took to generate that block.

Target value

Each account calculates its own target value based on the current effective rate.

This value is equal:

T = Tb х S х Be

Where Be is:

  • T - the new target value

  • Tb - the reference target value

  • S - the elapsed time since the last block in seconds

  • Be - the effective account balance

As you can see from the formula, the target value increases with every second that has passed since the previous block.

The maximum target value is 1,53722867 x 1017, and the minimum target value is half the base target value of the previous block. This target value and the base target value are the same for all accounts that are trying to to forge on top of a particular block. The only defined account parameter is an effective balance parameter.

The total complexity

The total value of complexity obtained from the reference target value according to the formula:

Dcb = Dpb + 264 / Tb

Where Be is:

  • Dcb - the complexity of the current block

  • Dpb - the complexity of the previous block

  • Tb - the base target value of the current block

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