The initial emission is 10 million PZM and the final amount is 6 billion PZM. The coins were issued with the creation of the Genesis block (the first block in the blockchain). Premining implemented in all countries of the world, at nominal cost, in limited quantities, to achieve the starting of decentralization Prizm. The total amount of PZM will be 6 billion tokens. Account Genesis generates anti-coin signals of Premining (signal to send the coins for a certain wallet) to the limit of minus 6 billion PZM

The existence of anti-coins in Genesis has several interesting side effects:

All tokens sent to the Genesis account are effectively destroyed, as the negative account balance cancels them The main function of Prizm is the traditional payment system, but was created to do much more. The goals of the CWT community can be achieved under the condition of PZM parity with the main Fiat currencies.

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