Create Transaction

The following API calls create PRIZM transactions using HTTP POST requests. Follow the links for examples and HTTP POST request parameters specific to each call. Refer to the sections below for HTTP POST request parameters and JSON response fields common to all calls that create transactions.

Create Transaction Request

The following HTTP POST parameters are common to all API calls that create transactions:

  • secretPhrase is the secret passphrase of the account (optional, but transaction neither signed nor broadcast if omitted)

  • publicKey is the public key of the account (optional if secretPhrase provided)

  • feeNQT is the fee (in NQT) for the transaction, 0.5% of transaction amount, from 0.05 to 10.00 PRIZM Note: Fee is now being calculated automatically.

  • deadline is the deadline (in minutes) for the transaction to be confirmed, 32767 minutes maximum

  • referencedTransactionFullHash creates a chained transaction, meaning that the current transaction cannot be confirmed unless the referenced transaction is also confirmed (optional)

  • broadcast is set to false to prevent broadcasting the transaction to the network (optional)

Note: An optional arbitrary message can be appended to any transaction by adding message-related parameters as in Send Message.

Create Transaction Response

The following JSON response fields are common to all API calls that create transactions:

  • signatureHash (S) is a SHA-256 hash of the transaction signature

  • unsignedTransactionBytes (S) are the unsigned transaction bytes

  • transactionJSON (O) is a transaction object (refer to Get Transaction for details)

  • broadcasted (B) is true if the transaction was broadcast, false otherwise

  • requestProcessingTime (N) is the API request processing time (in millisec)

  • transactionBytes (S) are the signed transaction bytes

  • fullHash (S) is the full hash of the signed transaction

  • transaction (S) is the ID of the newly created transaction

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